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Who We Are: "We are a collaboration of families of African Traditional practitioners coming together to venerate our Ancestors for the perpetual healing of our communities."

About our favicon: Fawohodie, an adinkra symbol meaning the "symbol of independence, freedom, emancipation". From the expression: Fawodhodie ene obre na enam. Literal translation:
"Independence comes with its responsibilities."

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Here is A Way to Contribute

Do you know that it is not always money (in fact, money is the least of it) that is needed to make something happen. No, it is showing up. What that means is that YOU matter. Your spirit, your presence matters and the world is a little less brilliant when you decide to be missing or that it doesn't matter if your show up.

There is no way to convince you that YOU matter.  It is evident that we, as a people really don't feel that. After all, if we felt and believed that we mattered, why would a slogan like "Black lives matter", become so popular? If we were strong within ourselves a slogan like that would just be greeted with the response, "of course".

So there is nothing that I can say to make you believe it. If your eyes brighten or your heart lifts at the chance to sing, dance and celebrate our collective Ancestors, then maybe that will be enough to not only get you to the Celebration on June 26th but get you there at 10:00 am to be a part of altar building rituals.

So what do you think about that? You don't need to know anything or you can know it all, just show up! And bring the reason why you are here on this Earth, your spirit!

You never know what we may collectively create!

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