Who We Are

Who We Are: "We are a collaboration of families of African Traditional practitioners coming together to venerate our Ancestors for the perpetual healing of our communities."
About our favicon: Fawohodie, an adinkra symbol meaning the "symbol of independence, freedom, emancipation". From the expression: Fawodhodie ene obre na enam. Literal translation: "Independence comes with its responsibilities."

You Can Help

Would you like to help?

Depending on your resources, time and availability, there are many ways to help us have the grandest year of Ancestor Celebration. We would also appreciate volunteers to assist with our Winter Clothing Drive, 1 December - 31 December 2018. Contact Omilade Adediran at the email link in our contact page.

Here is what you can do:  

1. Donate money--To do this, press the button that says DONATE in the LEFT-HAND column on this and every page. 

2. Volunteer--We always need people to help but we know that your time may be limited. Our volunteer jobs are specific, time-limited and are crucial to our success.

Here is a list of the volunteers that we need for this year's Celebration. Check it out. You may find something that you can do for your ancestors on or before June 23, 20189.

On Event day: 

2 volunteers to arrive early and help set up
4 volunteers to rotate sitting at the welcome table, signing people in, and orienting people to the event
2 volunteers to arrive early to set up workshop areas
2 volunteers to help with the vendor area

2 volunteers to set up signs
5 volunteers to assist in break-down and cleanup

To sign up to volunteer, please get in touch by leaving a comment below or go to the contact page and send an email.

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  1. I am willing to assist with set up early in the morning and clean up after the event.


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