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Who We Are: "We are a collaboration of families of African Traditional practitioners coming together to venerate our Ancestors for the perpetual healing of our communities."

About our favicon: Fawohodie, an adinkra symbol meaning the "symbol of independence, freedom, emancipation". From the expression: Fawodhodie ene obre na enam. Literal translation:
"Independence comes with its responsibilities."

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

June 26 Perkerson Park Celebration

We are underway!!!

I hope that you are looking forward and marking your calendar for the next Ancestor Celebration.

It is June 26 and it is at Perkerson Park, starting (real time) at 11:00 a.m.

Currently, we are working on the schedule, you know "man plans and Olodumare replans". What we want to accomplish during our time together on this day is:

1. to make real life connections in a welcoming and open atmosphere

2. to open up the opportunity for learning about ancestors, the establishment of altars and our responses to the ancestral call

3. provide opportunities for participants to "clean off" any negativity, releasing pain, sadness, fear, grief that has accumulated so that there is a feeling of a fresh start.

4. to honor our ancestors both known and unknown and to call forth the power of those ancestors who assisted the collective in building and joining together as a force for good, for rejuvenation and for growth.

5. to honor our ancestors by acknowledging their collective presence in our DNA and giving renewed validity to the phrase, "we are what we have been waiting for"

And here is how we are going to accomplish this.

1. we need your help! If you have any inclination at all, please look at "how you can help" page and volunteer

2. if you want to learn more about ancestor altars, then volunteer to help and one of the priests will teach you some things

3. we are going to have an ice breaking activity so that people can get to know each other a little bit better

4. we will set up the fire and water altars for the healing/clean off process. a priest will be present to help you if you wish

5. our wonderful drummers will be present to give rhythm to our prayer

6. we will learn and sing songs

7. we will have the tree for our ancestor names

8. there will be food available, ritual food as well as vegetarian/vegan items

9. we will give space to local organizations who are supportive of rebuilding our community

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