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Who We Are: "We are a collaboration of families of African Traditional practitioners coming together to venerate our Ancestors for the perpetual healing of our communities."

About our favicon: Fawohodie, an adinkra symbol meaning the "symbol of independence, freedom, emancipation". From the expression: Fawodhodie ene obre na enam. Literal translation:
"Independence comes with its responsibilities."

Monday, June 3, 2013


"The social fabric of the African community is woven together by ancestor reverence," says the Encyclopedia of African Religion, Vol. I. The truth of this statement can be seen in any celebration of ancestors in any society of African origin. There is no celebration of ONE when it comes to Eegun (Ancestors). Yes, individuals may give offerings in honour of Ancestors on special occasions or in expression of gratitude; however, ancestral celebrations in Africa and in the diaspora bring families and entire communities together.
African descendants in Nicaragua in a large gathering honoring Ancestors. Photo by Kwekudee
Our Annual Ancestor Celebration maintains this tradition of unity, of collective effort and responsibility. Several individuals have been doing work, holding meetings and making plans in preparation for the event that will, as it has over the past two years, bring together many African descendants who are conscious of their African heritage and are willing to join with others in celebration of Ancestors. The spirit of unity in this celebration is not just among people of like mind or people of a particular African tradition; rather, the solidarity in this Annual Ancestor Celebration intertwines different traditional practices in honor of Ancestors. This celebration, then, is not only a celebration of Ancestors but also a celebration of our connection, our oneness as African descendants.

Tribute to Our Ancestors of the Middle Passage in New York. Photo by Tony Akeem
No matter what part of the world we hail from, whether we were born and raised on the continent of Africa or born and raised elsewhere, we share a common root that has merely spread itself across seas and continents. Our Annual Ancestor Celebration to be held June 16, 2013 (Juneteenth) in Atlanta makes us reconnect to the root that makes us ONE.

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  1. YES! We are ONE! And we will remain as ONE! We are just days away of sharing, honoring, giving thanks, reconnecting and celebrating the ones who have us here. The ones who hold us up high.

    Celebrate in style.......



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