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Who We Are: "We are a collaboration of families of African Traditional practitioners coming together to venerate our Ancestors for the perpetual healing of our communities."

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"Independence comes with its responsibilities."

Friday, June 14, 2013


Wouldn't it be just lovely to hear a grandmother's voice again telling a story of her life on the farm in a small community near the sea? How wonderful it would be to hear her sing or laugh or give a word of advice! Only certain people have the gift of hearing the voice of Ancestors and many these days are afraid of this ability. Fortunately, the traditional practices that exist to venerate Ancestors also provide the opportunity to hear their voices through trance or possession.

Egungun dancer
Yoruba Egungun dancer.
Photo by Egba-Egbado Descendants Association
Spirit possession is a norm at ancestral celebrations and when they happen, those present get to hear the voices of Ancestors. At these times, the family, individual or the community is told whatever they need to know from their Ancestors. It is quite amazing to experience that, to actually be able to speak to a great grandmother or grandfather you had never met in your life and who had transitioned to the realm of the Ancestors before you could interact with them in life.

We are fortunate to know this tradition of honoring Ancestors and being able to communicate with them. Many may not understand it and many more condemn it but we are among the blessed ones who remember a way that was our way for thousands upon thousands of years. That way that allowed us to hear our Ancestors' voices guided us, supported us, protected us. That way got us through many tribulations. That way saved our lives.

Our 3rd Annual Ancestor Celebration will give us the opportunity to raise our own voices in praise and gratitude to our Ancestors. Perhaps we might be fortunate enough to hear their voices as well.  May we hear the message and receive the blessings in the voices of our Ancestors. Make it to Omenala Griot Museum, 337 Dargan Place SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 for this year's celebration which starts at 11 am this Sunday, June 16 (Juneteeth), 2013. It's time to gather for healing, strengthening and blessing. Ire! Ase!

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