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Who We Are: "We are a collaboration of families of African Traditional practitioners coming together to venerate our Ancestors for the perpetual healing of our communities."

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"Independence comes with its responsibilities."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It could be said that children are ancestors reincarnated. When elders look at children, they can easily recognize their own parents, relatives or friends long gone to the realm of the Ancestors in the laughter, expressions, physical features, voice or other traits`children bring alive. Children, then, form a link between past, present and future. Their participation in any celebration of Ancestors is pivotal to the transfer and continuity of African tradition. Were it not for the deliberate actions made by Ancestors when they walked the Earth to pass on their knowledge to the children, what we know today would be completely lost.
Children at Vodoun Festival in Benin
Our Annual Ancestor Celebration, therefore, is conscious of the importance of children's participation and makes accommodation for children to be involved in the celebration. As part of the day's events, a workshop will be held specifically for children to engage in a creative activity that would express appreciation for Ancestors. In this way, children are not only placed in an environment where they see adults and elders doing something traditional as an example to them but they also become engaged in the process and get to make something that reflects their own expression of appreciation for Ancestors.

No celebration of Ancestors would be complete without children's participation. Considering that the preservation of traditions relies on children learning and embracing those traditions, events such as the Annual Ancestor Celebration provide the opportunity to transfer that knowledge from one generation to the other. The children are the future. The children are the present. The children complete the cycle between us and our Ancestors.


  1. Ifasina, I looove this post! Children are such a great blessing to us. So much more than we can imagine sometimes. May we nurture them now and always so that the cycle is always complete.


    1. Indeed Orisagbemi! We must nurture them. Imagine if WE were not nurtured, would we be having this celebration? Just as elders taught us we must teach children. Glad you love the post:)


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