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Who We Are: "We are a collaboration of families of African Traditional practitioners coming together to venerate our Ancestors for the perpetual healing of our communities."

About our favicon: Fawohodie, an adinkra symbol meaning the "symbol of independence, freedom, emancipation". From the expression: Fawodhodie ene obre na enam. Literal translation:
"Independence comes with its responsibilities."

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Olmec Stone Head in Mexico: Evidence of African
presence in the Americas long before 1492
As too many people in the world celebrate Christopher Columbus getting lost in the Caribbean, we must remember that our Ancestors had long discovered the circumference of the Earth, the wonders of science, writing, architecture, mathematics, philosophy, spirituality, agriculture, medicine, aeronautics, astronomy, oceanic navigation, astrology, metalworking, economics, jewelry-making, cosmetology, civilization and the list goes on and on and on.

As we remain conscious of the need to write and re-write, learn and re-learn our own story rather than HIStory, we must remember our Ancestors who began civilization and set the trend globally for other civilizations to be built. We must remember that they traveled across seas and continents thousands of years before the lost ones and they left their mark, not with violence or duplicity but with ingenuity. Let the wool be removed from our eyes that we may see what they left so profound to remind us of their greatness, our greatness.

Her-Em-Akhet (The Great Sphinx) of Anciet Kemet (Egypt)
As we hear the lies repeated of this bogus discovery of a world that was too old to ever be new except to a people in the heights of ignorance, we must remember our Ancestors' resilience. They survived and they overcame. They endured the "Afrikan Holocaust" and because of their resilience we are here. We are the evidence of our Ancestors' perseverance. We are the evidence of our Ancestors' vitality. We are the evidence of our Ancestors' brilliance. We are the evidence of our Ancestors' greatness.

The Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Kemet (Egypt)
So, if we are going to remember, we must remember them, our Ancestors. If we are going to celebrate, we must celebrate them, our Ancestors. If we are going to sing praises, we must sing praises to them, our Ancestors. And when we remember, celebrate and honour them; we must know that in so doing, we also remember, celebrate and honour ourselves. Our Ancestors are us and we are our Ancestors. We must always remember that.

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